About me

I am a PhD student at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland, just beginning my 2nd year.

I previously held a post as an intern/Research Assistant with the Work Foundation in London. It was here that my interest in the labour market and the geographies and patterns of work and (un)employment was developed and subsequently led me into my current PhD research.

Prior to this I completed my undergraduate Honours degree at the University of Dundee in Geography. Subsequently I completed my postgraduate Masters at Durham University in the North East of England, again within Geography.

Further details of my current PhD research can be found on the ‘My PhD Research‘ via the menu above.

I aim  to use this blog as a means to share ideas, thoughts and questions regarding my PhD. I also intend to include my own perspectives on the PhD processes, highlighting successes and challenges faced.  However, I will also use this blog as an arena for comment on topics and debate in the news or policy world broadly relating to the UK labour market as a whole.

Contact Details:

Chris A.J. Brown
Department of Geography & Sustainable Development
School of Geography and Geosciences
University of St Andrews, Irvine Building, North Street
St Andrews, Fife,
KY16 9AL

email: cajb2@st-andrews.ac.uk

twitter: @chrisajbrown   https://twitter.com/chrisajbrown


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